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How to carry out the innovation of clothes packaging machine

How to carry out the innovation of clothes packaging machine

Source:http://www.yihongauto.com/news2/37.html issuing time:2021-04-24

Idea innovation is the foundation of scientific and technological innovation for clothing packaging machine companies. Only by sticking to ideas and innovations can we promote the emancipation of ideas and the renewal of ideas, and then realize technological innovation.

The key to innovative ideas lies in clothing packaging machine companies. The innovation consciousness and level of ideas of an enterprise determine the direction and effect of the enterprise. Only by constantly innovating ideas and advancing with the times can the clothing packaging machine companies develop. Therefore, the clothing packaging machine companies must always maintain the work of "making accurate decisions, expanding marketing, manufacturing strong, refined quality, and working systems". Ideas. Idea innovation must also be reflected in the change of ideas of all personnel. After the innovation decision is made, all employees of the enterprise are also required to change their ideas in time, so that they can give full play to their initiative and creativity in innovation. There are three concepts that must be emphasized in personnel around technological innovation: first, the product concept has changed from being basically single and unchanged throughout the year to differentiation; second, the management idea has changed from the previous focus on production and sales to the customer focus. Needs as the center; third, the form of the enterprise has changed from a traditional production type to a scientific development type.


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