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Is the working process of the clothes folding machine compli

Is the working process of the clothes folding machine compli

Source:http://www.yihongauto.com/news2/33.html issuing time:2021-04-24

Now the times are changing. The arrival of the intelligent age has made our lives more convenient and faster. Now there are corresponding machinery and equipment in continuous processing, and the speed and efficiency are in line with the choices of most manufacturers. Of course It is not only the processing of the manufacturer, but the application of the clothes folding machine is also suitable for the use of some of our families. Why do you say that? Because some families, the work is busy, or the industry is different from ours, generally there is not so much time. I went to pack the clothes at home, or other display items, so I chose to send it to the clothes folding machine manufacturer, and the work was completed quickly.

 The clothes folding machine has a high workload for clothing work in a day. The automatic folding machine looks like a large printer, and the folded clothes will come out from the bottom in a regular manner like paper sheets. A manual folding board comparable to Xie's ears. Obsessive-compulsive disorder looked very satisfied. However, although it is very simple to operate, it cannot achieve the magical effect of "folding into a ball". When folding clothes, you need to manually clamp the clothes on the folding machine.
   Although the whole process takes a very short time, you can get 20-40 pieces of clothes in 4 minutes, but it is not just as simple as folding the clothes, but also allowing the clothes to enjoy a five-star SPA service inside. The high-temperature steam serves to remove wrinkles on the clothes, and can also spray perfume, softener, etc., so that the folded clothes are as clean, tidy, and lightly scented as they pass by the hands of a beauty clerk in a clothing store.
   The whole process actually only needs us to press a button on the touch screen to complete, manually clip the washed clothes to the automatic folding machine, this is the only thing we have to do, and the rest of the machine will help us. The stacking machine can automatically fold 10 to 15 pieces of clothing at a time, and can add fragrance or iron the wrinkles during the stacking process.