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What do you think should be paid attention to for the clothi

What do you think should be paid attention to for the clothi

Source:http://www.yihongauto.com/news2/30.html issuing time:2021-04-24

Folding machine is a kind of auxiliary equipment for garment processing. The main thing is the speed and some positions of some systems that cannot be controlled. Some length and width of the cloth can be calculated. There are non-woven folding machines, wet wipes folding machines and so on that are common around us. Most of these folding machines are used in hotels, hospitals, textiles, railways, etc., and these industries will use them.

With the improvement of technology, all kinds of machinery and equipment appear in our lives, which have played a great role in the development and production of various industries, improving their work efficiency, saving costs, and promoting the development of enterprises. It also has excellent characteristics. If you rely on manual folding, it will consume a lot of energy, time, and cost. Using a folding machine can quickly help us complete the work, but when using the equipment, we need to correct Methods and pay attention to the following items:

     1. It is necessary to check the sealing performance of the deceleration joint surface and the shaft end frequently every day. If the oil leakage is serious, the cause must be found out and corresponding measures must be taken.
     2. Check the oil quantity of the reducer frequently after work every day. When the oil level is too low, that is, the little finger extends into the oil level plug hole, and when the bend cannot touch the oil, you should add a lubricant of the same brand.

     3. When the folding machine is in use, it is necessary to frequently check the wear of the sprocket belt, maintain a proper initial tension, and do not make the initial tension too large. All the sprocket belts should be replaced when the sprocket belts are found to be unevenly loaded and excessively run. Controlling the vibration during the operation of the sprocket is more important to prevent the driven shaft head from being subjected to excessive load.

     4. When the folding machine is in use, always check the sealing conditions at both ends of the output shaft of the reducer to prevent oil leakage. Keep the reducer clean during the use of the tablecloth folding machine.

     5. The folding machine relies on the reducer to rotate during the rotation process. All reducers are the power source of the folding machine. The lubricating oil must be replaced after the folding machine runs 300 times. The second time is 1000 hours, and then every 2000 hours. once.