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How to improve the company's management and control rules fo

How to improve the company's management and control rules fo

Source:http://www.yihongauto.com/news1/38.html issuing time:2021-04-24

The means to create perfect short-sleeved folding machine company management and control rules: constantly improve the company's management and control, organizational structure and other management and control models.

The company is the main component of the market economy, and the company's management and control model is also changing with changes in the economic market environment. The short-sleeved folding machine company should base on the basic points of management and control optimization, and constantly improve the brand-new management and control model and management concept. Short-sleeved folding machine The company must establish a board of directors, a general meeting of shareholders, a supervisory committee and a managerial level and other authority organizations, which mutually restrict each other and rely on each other, and implement a fair and just control model to form effective supervision of the management.

First of all, the design of the management organization of the short-sleeved folding machine company should be flat. The management and control levels are simplified and systematically divided into various functional departments, and the responsibilities of the departments are clarified, so that the communication between the departments is smooth, and the efficiency of work is improved to achieve the optimization of human resources. In addition, the short-sleeved folding machine company must base on collective resolutions, create scientific company resolution rules, reduce lengthy and cumbersome resolution procedures, and ensure that major decisions for various tasks reflect the mainstream opinions of most people. The decision-making power at the grassroots level should give full play to the power of the grassroots managers, mobilize their enthusiasm for work, and create audit rules to supervise the achievement of the company's management and control goals.

In addition, it is necessary to create scientific company management and control rules, to ensure that the rules are reliable, complete, systematic and operability, and to clarify the goals and causes of the rules, which are suitable for the short-sleeved folding machine company's human-oriented standards. Various internal and external factors make the rules operable. At the same time, in the process of the rules, we must pay attention to collecting opinions and content, making timely feedback and evaluation, identifying problems and correcting them in a timely manner, and constantly improving and upgrading the management and control rules.


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