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What happens when the clothing folding packaging machine is

What happens when the clothing folding packaging machine is

Source:http://www.yihongauto.com/news1/31.html issuing time:2021-04-24

Any kind of facility will fail or abnormal after being used for a period of time, and these phenomena are normal. After all, in the development stage of various industries, it is impossible to have perfect machinery and equipment. Nowadays, the application range of this apparel industry is becoming wider and wider. Therefore, apparel manufacturers need a high-quality and simple mechanical equipment to provide more help to serve and design more apparel products. Clothing folding packaging machine is a kind of high-quality facility that can assist clothing manufacturers, but this type of equipment will also have some minor flaws. Next, let's take a look specifically, what are the common abnormalities of clothing folding packaging machines?


In the process of use, there will definitely be friction between the components, so after a long time, there will be failures, if the failures are not solved in time, it will definitely affect the use effect, so after discovering the failures, we must Solve it in time, then let's find out what are the common abnormal phenomena of the clothing folding packaging machine?

   Phenomenon 1: Material and product transportation failure. The material and product failures of the clothing folding packaging machine mainly include the failure of the product blocking in the transportation channel. In addition to the causes of the original and auxiliary materials described above, the channel size of the equipment is also improperly adjusted, and the running channel is Dirty, after the failure, the clothing folding packaging machine equipment can automatically control the shutdown, manual operation, but pay attention to the hazards. If you want to solve this kind of failure, the possibility is relatively low. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the repair and maintenance of the automatic folding packaging machine, improve the accuracy of equipment adjustment, and improve the level of operation of the staff. Phenomenon 2: Transmission failure. The transmission failure of the automatic folding packaging machine is mainly manifested by system failure, mechanism operation out of synchronization, etc. Generally speaking, this situation is mainly caused by improper operation, equipment vibration is caused by loose fasteners, etc. Once the failure occurs, Wangwang will cause equipment Major damage and long downtime. Phenomenon 3: The product is missing and faulty. Due to the transportation and packaging raw materials of the clothing folding packaging machine and the adaptability of the product itself, there is no equipment downtime in the packaging, and the appearance of single-packaged products does or increases.