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Towel folding packaging machine

Towel folding packaging machine

Contact number: 13538418048

Address:Room 202, Building 1, No. 13, Yinkai West Road, Dongcheng Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Release time:2021-07-02


1. Equipment function
1. This series of equipment is composed of the basic model FC-M412A, which can complete the clothing left and right one-time folding, longitudinal one-two folding, automatic plastic bag feeding, and automatic bag filling actions.
2. The functional parts that can be added are: automatic heat-cut sealing parts, automatic tearing and sealing parts, and automatic stacking parts. Each component can be combined and used according to usage requirements.
3. The design of each part of the equipment is designed according to the speed requirement of 600pcs/H, any combination, the overall operation can reach this speed.
4. The device input interface is a touch screen input interface, which can store up to 99 kinds of clothing folding, bagging, sealing, and stacking operating parameters for easy selection.
2. Equipment characteristics
 1. The equipment structure design is scientific, simple and highly reliable. It is convenient and quick to adjust and maintain, and easy to learn.
 2. The basic model of the equipment can be easily combined with any parts. In any combination, the equipment can be disassembled into a transport body within 2 meters in length, and industrial standard elevators can be transported up and down.
3. Applicable clothing
     Clothing, towels, bath towels, dressings, non-woven fabrics, etc.


Minimum clothing width (mm)

Maximum clothing width (mm)

Minimum length of clothing (mm)

Maximum garment length (mm)






Minimum width after folding (mm)

Maximum width after folding (mm)

Minimum length after folding (mm)

Maximum length after folding (mm)





Minimum size of plastic bag (mm)

Maximum size of plastic bag (mm)

The actual package of the machine (pcs/h)

Automatic sealing type

Length 280*width 200

Length 450 * Width 420



Voltage (V)

Air pressure (Mba)

Maximum power (KW)

Machine size (mm)





Five, work flow
Place the clothes manually→automatically fold the edges on both sides→automatically convey to the half-folding station→automatically fold the first time→automatically forward the second half-fold→automatically convey to the bagging station
→Automatic bagging→One piece of clothing is packaged, and the next piece of clothing is cycled
       As shown below:

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