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Dongguan Yihong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industrial company integrating R&D, design and manufacturing of intelligent equipment for the sewing industry. Provide intelligent equipment in the online flow of sewing products, online inspection, online packaging, storage and transportation between processes and warehousing; remote intelligent control can be selected: the equipment is connected with the central control system, and the central system data can be accepted to produce the unique product The code is attached to the product, and the production information of the product can be uploaded to the central control system, and the production status can be fully grasped remotely.
The company has a team of senior engineers specialized in mechanical design, system control, electrical control design, installation and commissioning. It has successively applied for more than ten patent certificates of clothing packaging machinery, and passed the ISO9001::2105 system certification. The experienced R&D team and perfect after-sales service provide customers with professional, comprehensive and fast-acting services.
Company purpose: You give me an idea, I will give you a set of intelligent equipment!
Company mission: to provide reliable intelligent equipment, liberate the hands of employees, and release the pressure of the enterprise!
Corporate Culture: Honesty as the Trust, Altruism and Altruism