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Many years of technology precipitation, focusing on the clothing packaging industry, covering every industrial city

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Clothing packaging equipment manufacturers

Applicable to various industries / batch processing / on-demand customization

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Clothing packaging equipment customization consultation
01.Experienced professional team

Yihong specializes in “Thin clothing folding packaging machine, thick and thin clothing folding packaging machine compatible”、with “Customized clothing folding packaging machine, clothing bag sealing machine”

In addition, it also has a number of patent certificates, and years of experience in clothing packaging equipment, professional and reliable.

02.Reliable quality of automation equipment

Obtained "National High-tech Enterprise"; National Cultivated Storage Enterprise" and other certificates;

Obtained ISO9001-2015 certification, standing director unit of Guangdong Packaging Association, member unit of Shenzhen Robotics Association

03.Guaranteed supply

Years of experience Technical staff, have won many awards in professional competitions, with excellent professional level.

Production base covering an area of 3000 square meters, mass production, fast delivery, high cost performance; intelligent dispensing equipment, assembly equipment, packaging equipment, film, labeling equipment, light source testing equipment and various automated production

04.A number of national patent certifications, quality assurance

Specializing in the clothing packaging equipment industry for more than 10 years, we have obtained a number of patent certificates and national certifications. Choose Yihong to let you rest assured!

Multiple industry experts to ensure the realization of your non-standard equipment; multiple experienced engineering professionals to ensure the stable operation of the equipment;

05.Customized production service

Yihong owns The equipment is guaranteed for one year, lifelong maintenance, on-site service; regular return visits,Accessories are available for service at any time; free delivery, installation, commissioning, training; technical support at any time.

Professional customer service team, 7*24 hours online feedback, if any Send someone to the nearest door to deal with quality issues.

06.National layout, equipment cases all over many provinces

Yihong is located The Pearl River Delta region where the automation equipment industry is developed integrates multi-party resources and uses Dongguan headquarters as a base to radiate across the country.

The project involves our country More than 20 provinces and cities. And set a high-quality case

Good products, all in Yihong AutomationStrictly control the testing standards of each product in the industry to ensure that the output is good

Cooperation Process

We promise to ensure quality and quantity, and deliver on time and on time!
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    Customer service
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    After-sales follow-up
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    A new type of enterprise specializing in the production of clothing packaging machine equipment

    Dongguan Yihong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industrial company integrating RD, design and manufacturing of intelligent equipment for the sewing industry. Provide intelligent equipment in the online flow of sewing products, online inspection, online packaging, storage and transportation between processes and warehousing; remote intelligent control can be selected: the equipment is connected with the central control system, and the central system data can be accepted to produce t

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